Backup for Business

Backup – Protect yourself!
Your business data is at risk from issues such as a hard drive failure, disasters such as fire or theft, and threats like ransomware. We can help you create a backup strategy to keep your business data safe. An external hard drive is recommended as a local on-site backup method.  Even with a good local backup strategy, we strongly recommend that you keep an offsite copy of important data. You can physically store your data in a safe deposit box or fireproof safe. Better yet, cloud backup services give you another layer of protection that help avoid the possibility of a local backup failure, fire, theft or other disaster.


As long as you have access to high-speed Internet, online backup services offer an excellent option for continuous backup. Your data is stored securely and multiple versions of your files are maintained whenever changes are made. This provides additional protection should your system become infected with ransomware.


If you are looking for an affordable and reliable cloud backup service, I use iDrive for my data, as well as for many of my customers.


iDrive Cloud Backup


Remember, backup should always consist of multiple copies of your important data, using multiple backup methods. Never rely on only one copy as a backup!