Business – Desktop Support

PC Installation and Setup
If the time has come to add new PCs, we can help you acquire new systems, install and network them, and provide user training.


PC Upgrades
With the cost of doing business on the rise, you may want to consider upgrading, rather than replacing, your older PCs. If your PCs are fairly recent systems and you simply need better performance, the addition of memory can often give you a needed boost. If hard disk space is in short supply, an additional drive can be installed, or the current drive can be replaced with a larger drive. For a major increase in performance, consider a Solid State Drive, which replaces the classic mechanical Hard Disk Drive with an all-electronic device with no moving parts.


PC Maintenance and Repair
PCs tend to slow down and become unstable over time. Programs create lots of temporary files and then don’t delete them. When (not if) Windows crashes, it often leaves things in a mess. We will find and delete temporary files, scan for viruses, and scan and defragment the hard disk.

If your PC won’t turn on, or if you get an error message that prevents Windows from starting, we can repair the computer and get you back to work.


Email has become a critical part of doing business with your customers. We can establish email service for your company, and set up accounts for your users. We also install, backup, manage, and correct problems with your email software. We can help you better use email as an information tool.


Application Software
Software applications such as QuickBooks, Outlook, Word, and Excel are used by many businesses. We can install and support these applications, as well as many others.