Business – Networking

Networking Services
We will install, configure, and troubleshoot your business network. We can set up your systems to share files, printers, and your Internet connection. We have experience with cable modems, DSL modems, routers, print servers, hubs, and switches. We can monitor your bandwidth usage and help troubleshoot problems that result in network slowdowns. We have experience with both wired and wireless networking. Wireless networking can be particularly cost effective in older buildings without wired cable runs, and provide flexibility as to computer placement.


Network Security
We can set up firewall hardware and software to help protect your systems. A firewall is a device or program that blocks unauthorized computers from accessing your computer and its data. A firewall is the first line of defense against people trying to break into your systems.


If you have a wireless network, your data may be at risk. Generally, when you purchase wireless network equipment, it is configured to broadcast identification information and to transmit your data without any security enabled. Other wireless equipment users may be able to easily connect to your shared files, printers, or Internet connection. We will disable unneeded broadcasts, disable access to your network except from your authorized machines, and turn on data encryption, which scrambles the data while it is being transmitted. These steps go a long way towards keeping hackers out of your computers.


Online Security Camera Systems
If you have a security camera system using a network-enabled Digital Video Recorder (DVR/NVR), we can help configure it for remote access. Network DVR systems allow you to keep an eye on your facility remotely during evenings, weekends, holidays, or when on vacation.