Home Users – Networking

We will install, configure, and troubleshoot your home network. We can set up your systems to share files, printers, and your Internet connection . We have experience with cable modems, DSL modems, routers, print servers, hubs, and switches.


Wireless Networking
Wireless networking provides all of the benefits of a hardwired network without having to pull the cables. A wireless network can allow you to share your files, printers, and Internet connection between your computers. By using a wireless connection with a laptop, you become truly mobile. Wireless networks may be your only alternative in apartments and other properties where you may be prohibited from running any cables at all. We can install wireless access points in your home, and install and configure wireless clients in your desktop or laptop PCs.


Network Security
We can set up firewall software to help protect your systems. A firewall is a program that blocks unauthorized computers from accessing your computer and its data. This is especially important for people using cable or DSL modems. A firewall is the first line of defense against people trying to break into your computer.


If you have a wireless network, your data may be at risk. Generally, when you purchase wireless network equipment, it is configured to broadcast identification information and to transmit your data without any security enabled. Other wireless equipment users may be able to easily connect to your shared files, printers, or even your Internet connection. We will disable unneeded broadcasts, disable access to your network except from your authorized machines, and turn on data encryption, which scrambles the data while it is being transmitted. These steps go a long way towards keeping hackers out of your computers.