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Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal
Viruses, spyware, fake antivirus and other types of malware are, unfortunately, a fact of life for computer users. These have become all too common problems for computer users. Common symptons of a virus or spyware infection are:

  • Slow computer performance
  • Computer won’t start up properly
  • Blue Screens
  • Your browser goes to web pages you did not select
  • “404 – Page Note Found” or “Internet Explorer could not display the page”
  • Numerous pop-up windows
  • Warnings that your computer is infected, with an offer to clean it, followed by a request for your credit card
  • The inability to launch any programs


Any of these can be the result of a virus or spyware attack. These programs can track you moves online, or worse, steal your passwords or attempt to get your bank or credit card information.


We can remove viruses and spyware and provide you with the tools to remove them and keep them off of your computer. We strongly recommend that you install an antivirus program and keep it updated. If your computer has been infected with one or more viruses, we will remove the viruses from your computer and attempt to repair damaged files. (Due to the nature of viruses, data loss is possible!). We can install a free antivirus program if you do not have a current package installed.


Computer Wipe/Reinstallation
A number of recent viruses have become so invasive that sometimes the best choice is to back up the data (documents, photos, music, etc) and to wipe the hard disk drive and reinstall the operating system and programs. If we think this is the best course of action, we will discuss it with you and provide a fixed price quote. This option requires access to the original CDs that came with your computer.


Virus and Spyware removal may require that the computer be taken off-site given the time involved in removal procedures. If this option is suggested a fixed price will be quoted for the service.