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PC Upgrades
We can upgrade your existing computer. The single most important upgrade for your computer is memory (RAM). Many computers were shipped with a minimal amount of memory. That often causes your computer’s performance to suffer when you do more than a task or two. Increasing the amount of system memory provides a welcome performance boost. For a major increase in performance, consider a Solid State Drive, which replaces the classic mechanical Hard Disk Drive with an all-electronic device with no moving parts.


PC Hardware Installation
If you bought almost any PC add-on, or would like to add a device to your computer, we can install it for you, along with any software needed to make it work. We have experience with  internal and external hard drives, video cards, printers, scanners, and more.


PC Hardware Repairs
Hopefully, you computer will never suffer a major failure. The most common desktop components to fail are the power supply, the hard drive, or one of the fans. Occasionally a catastrophic failure of the motherboard (the main electronic circuit board) may occur.

While we can easily replace a power supply, a hard drive, or a fan, the motherboard tends to be more involved, more expensive, and usually less available than other components. Given todays PC prices, if there is a motherboard failure on all but the more expensive machines, we generally do not recommend motherboard replacement. If you choose to do so, we will be happy to provide the service.


Mobile Devices
We can help with you Android or Apple smartphone or tablet.


Streaming Media Players
There are a number of great hardware devices such as the Roku Player, Amazon Fire Stick, and Google Chromecast, that let you play content over the Internet from services like NETFLIX or hulu. Many newer Smart TVs also provide this capability. Let us help you get connected!