Business – Server Support

Server Management
We can monitor your on-site servers for problems, manage your users and file shares, and insure that security updates are being applied.


Cloud Services
Many clients are moving to cloud-hosted file sharing such as Google’s GSuite app platform instead of local servers. We can provide setup and training for these services.


User Management
We can create, modify, and delete users on your local or cloud servers, organize groups of users, and manage permissions for shared resources.


File Shares
One of the primary uses for a server is to provide a centralized location for storing individual and shared departmental files. Using a centralized approach simplifies backup and access control. We can create and manage shares and permissions, on local or cloud servers.


Your data is valuable and backing it up is a critical business requirement. Your data should be backed up on a regular basis, and backups should be rotated off-site to a secure location. We can work with you to establish a backup procedure, or if you prefer, we can handle system backups for you.


We encourage multiple backup methods to insure that your data is safe in the event of a computer failure, or worse, a disaster at your location. We can work with your company to create both onsite backups, as well as offsite using cloud backup services.