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System Backup
We can help you create a backup strategy to keep your data safe. An external hard drive is recommended as an on-site local backup method. Even with a good local backup strategy, we strongly recommend that you keep a copy of important data off-site, such as in a safe deposit box, or at a trusted friend or relative’s home.


With widespread access to high-speed Internet access, online backup services offer a second line of backup while avoiding the possibility of a local backup failure, fire, theft or other loss. We can help recommend and set up many popular backup services.


Hard Drive, Flash Drive, Digital Camera, and CD/DVD Data Recovery
We can recover data from digital camera media cards, USB ‘flash drives’ or ‘thumb drives’, hard disk drives, and CD or DVD media. If you have photos or documents that you think are lost, and the device has not been physically damaged, we may be able to recover them! If you have accidentally deleted a photo from your camera’s memory card, or lost the entire contents of a memory card, it is possible to recover those photos! Don’t lose those one of a kind pictures or important documents!