Remote Support

We are able to solve most issues remotely. A remote support session involves installing a small application on your PC and entering a unique code provided by our technicians. Remote support is billed in 15 minute increments. To use our remote support option, call 919-302-9063 and we will walk you through the procedure and provide the code to start the session. Call us, and when instructed, click on the link below:


Get Remote Support


Be aware that there are scammers who may call you and tell you that they are from Microsoft, Google, Yahoo or another company and want to fix your computer. You may also encounter fake virus, malware, or driver, popups on your screen. These scams are rampant. Your best choice is to simply hang up on these callers or close your browser if you see these popups.


NEVER give anyone remote access to your PC unless you KNOW who they are.